How Our Clients Hire Exceptional Talent

15th September, 2020
How Our Clients Hire Exceptional Talent

As one of the UK’s fastest growing nursing recruitment agencies, Ascend Medical Recruitment are building momentum at providing recruitment solutions to the NHS and private organisations.

The expectations of Ascend Medical Recruitments’ existing clients is at the forefront of how their operations work. Because they truly understand just how vital a strong medical workforce can be.

Take a look below at the medical recruitment agencies three core values helping NHS & Private clients.

Our Three Values Helping Clients to Strengthen Their Workforce

The three core values represent the understanding Ascend Medical Recruitment have of their candidates, clients and the patients their recruitment services support.


Ascend Medical Recruitment are not simply committed to finding healthcare positions for medical professionals; they find careers that can help transform the workforce and build a better future for the industry.

Their registered nurses, dieticians, pharmacists and other medical practitioners are all provided with opportunities to better their skillsets with training.

Because Ascend Medical Recruitment want to offer their NHS & Private clients highly professional staff who continue to learn and improve.

In-Depth Search

The agencies registered professionals receive a personalised experience, ensuring the right talent finds the right opportunities.

This allows Ascend Medical Recruitment to provide the best for their NHS & Private clients – And their recruitment needs.

A Comprehensive Search

The final core value of Ascend Medical Recruitments’ operations is a comprehensive search. They understand the demand for a wide range of positions with multiple types of employment. This makes the agency a go-to choice for medical recruitment solutions.

Both locum/temporary staff and permanent positions are available to registered professionals, making recruitment quicker, simpler and easier for clients in the NHS & Private sector.

Are you a healthcare professional looking for a locum/temporary role or permanent position? Find out how AMR can help with career opportunities here.

A Growing Recruitment Agency With Access to a Talented Workforce

Ascend Medical Recruitment are a fast-growing recruitment agency who are both people-centric and understand the recruitment needs of their clients.

The more they continue to grow, the more talent they can to provide both NHS & Private clients across the United Kingdom. Their versatile search strategies means finding the right talent to provide to the right client is simple and effective.

Finally, the recruitment agencies vision is to create a stronger healthcare industry in the U.K. which benefits both medical professionals and NHS & Private organisations – They achieve this through their well-built recruitment processes and methods.

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